I have always been an introvert with a deep rooted passion to travel, visualize the nature, savour local delicacies and learning about different cultures. Writing was never my forte however encouraged by close friends, I decided on penning down my experiences.

Since the day I started writing, I realized it is so encouraging and gratifying to share memories, learning and moments with fellow enthusiasts who share the same fervour as I do in exploring new places.

A friend, Bhavneet possessing a similar zeal for globetrotting  decided to join me in this endeavour by taking the responsibility of managing the blog, drafting her own journeys prodding us to come up with the idea of ‘Selfie Tales’.

Our long term vision is to mould it into a portal for like minded travellers and every step will be a journey towards our larger goal. A cumulative experience of visiting 30 countries we intend to write about destinations, things to do, places to eat,  items to shop, budget travelling and answer to any question that you may have or which will make it easier for you to pack your bags and head towards the joyous road.

We want to build a community instead of being self centered on our narratives and are open to your memoirs, guest posts, suggestions and tips on anything you feel is worth sharing.