My Uncomplicated (Indian) Wedding

I have always been repelled by the grandiosity of Indian weddings, the elaborate functions, the milieu of relatives, drab humor and the generous gifting with no sensitivity to the couple. The aversion prompted me to explore alternatives, to make it a milestone in the remarkable journey to be. The search led to outrageous ideas until I came upon … Continue reading My Uncomplicated (Indian) Wedding

The Caucasian Sojourn : Georgia and Armenia

I like to believe myself to be an avid traveler with a penchant for offbeat destinations. The thought brings a thrill not only for the obscurity of the destination but also for the envious appreciation that comes with it. Sharing one such experience, I managed to sneak in a post-Soviet country of which very little was known, rather … Continue reading The Caucasian Sojourn : Georgia and Armenia